Mister K

Wendy Pedersen & Jim Gasior with Mister K, Tuesday, Oct 21















Wendy Pedersen is back with Mister K on Tuesday, Oct 21 at Kendall Blue Martini!   Wendy Pedersen, one of South Florida’s most amazing Jazz Vocalist, will be singing live with Steve Kirkland and the Mister K Band at Blue Martini Kendall in the Kendall Town and Country Mall.   Wendy Pedersen is one of our South Florida icons of Jazz Vocal and will be performing 7 – 11 pm.  If you are a music lover you are going to have a great evening because Wendy is the best of the best.  We are privileged to have her with us! Come out for a night of world class Jazz featuring Wendy Pedersen and  Steve Kirkland.  The Mister K  is Jazz Saxophonist Steve Kirkland with an eclectic mix of South Florida and Miami Jazz styles including Latin Jazz, traditional Jazz, smooth R & B, classic R & B, Funk, and a bit of Top 40.  The Tuesday night Jazz Scene at Blue Martini Kendall is the perfect place to bring a romantic date or gather in a classy club with your best friends.  Remember, you must be 21 years of age to enter Blue Martini.

Debbie, Mike and Nicky Orta with Mister K Tues. Oct. 14th!













The Orta family will be with us Tuesday, Oct 14!  Featuring Debbie, Mike and Nicky Orta.  This will prove to be a fantastic night!  DO NOT MISS!!!

Michelle Manzo with Mister K Tuesday, October 7

The amazing, talented and gorgeous Michelle Manzo will be on stage with Mister K on Tuesday,  October 7th,  7 – 11 p.m. at Blue Martini in Kendall.

Born and raised in Miami, FL  Michelle moved to NY where she attained a music degree from City University. She studied with jazz legends and graduated Cum Laude on a full talent scholarship. After spending several years studying and performing in NY she’s now based in her hometown.  She just returned from a successful tour of Asia where she performed in 7 different countries. Michelle has a wide vocal range with extraordinary technical abilities and conveys great depth in every word she sings.   Michelle is a MUST SEE performer and we welcome her to the Blue Martini Stage.

Blue Note at Blue Martini with Mister K Band every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday at Blue Martini Kendall:  Steve Kirkland and the Mister K Band Live  7 – 11 pm

The Mister K Band features Jazz Saxophonist Steve Kirkland along with many of Miami’s top musicians including Nomar Negroni, Drums;  Hal Roland, Keyboard;  Robert Gonzalez, Keyboard;  Chegui Calderon, Bass;  and Cayo Iturralde, Bass.  The amazing and beautiful vocalist Rhea Olivia is a regular member of the Mister K Band.  On Tuesday Jazz Night the Mister K Band also features guest artists and performers and vocalists like Nicole Henry, Yrasema, Cary Alexander, & Hal Roland.  Where else in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Naples or anywhere in South Florida can you go to hear live music by a live band that performs Jazz, Latin Jazz, Funk, R & B? Come hear Jazz Saxophone and amazing singers at Blue Note at the Blue Martini on Tuesday’s in Kendall 7 – 11 pm.