Mister K

Mister K Band with Special Guest Anna Palmerola, Tuesday, March 3

Rising superstar Anna Palmerola will be Mister K’s special guest Tuesday, Mar 3,  7 – 11 pm and Live on WDNA 7 – 8 pm.  She is an incredible vocalist.   Steve Kirkland and Anna have been performing together for years and they have developed a musical relationship that is immediately evident.  So bring a special date or a group of friends for an evening of Jazz, Latin Jazz, classic R & B, a hint of Top 40… just simply an evening of music to remember.  The musicianship on stage is unequaled, and in the words of WDNA, “even on a trip to New York City you won’t find music better than this.”  Of course Steve Kirkland and the Mister K Band will be there playing a mixture of classic R & B, Jazz, contemporary Jazz, Funk etc.  Steve Kirkland, Jazz Saxophone, and the Mister K Band can be heard throughout South Florida, the Palm Beaches, Naples, Ft. Myers, Hollywood, Homestead, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Kendall.  Please join us a Blue Martini Kendall for an evening of WDNA sponsored jazz.

Blue Note at Blue Martini with Mister K Band every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday at Blue Martini Kendall:  Steve Kirkland and the Mister K Band Live  7 – 11 pm

The Mister K Band features Jazz Saxophonist Steve Kirkland along with many of Miami’s top musicians including Nomar Negroni, Drums;  Hal Roland, Keyboard;  Robert Gonzalez, Keyboard;  Chegui Calderon, Bass;  and Cayo Iturralde, Bass.  The amazing and beautiful vocalist Rhea Olivia is a regular member of the Mister K Band.  On Tuesday Jazz Night the Mister K Band also features guest artists and performers and vocalists like Nicole Henry, Yrasema, Cary Alexander, & Hal Roland.  Where else in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Naples or anywhere in South Florida can you go to hear live music by a live band that performs Jazz, Latin Jazz, Funk, R & B? Come hear Jazz Saxophone and amazing singers at Blue Note at the Blue Martini on Tuesday’s in Kendall 7 – 11 pm.